Receiver 900

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Receiver 900

Post by sharp » Thu Feb 21, 2013 5:49 pm

Hello all, I'm somewhat of a "former" amateur audiophile and had a Carver amp & pre-amp in high was the cube amp, a model 500?? Not sure, but anyways a friend turned me on to Carver way back in the early 80's and I used my Carver to DJ some dances in my small home town. Powered some home built speakers with my set up and from what I remember it was pretty kick ass!

Fast forward a couple of years.....don't remember what became of my original cube amp, probably sold it to generate cash for a car or something:) I believe around 1987 I was ready to get another system just to listen to tunes in my apartment. I was sold on Carver being the best but had limited funds with which I wanted to buy the best I could afford....ended up buying a new Receiver 900, a cd player (my first), and a pair of Bose 601's. Had it set up in my small bedroom about 12x12 space and it really shook the walls and I was in love. After I got married in 1990, the system saw less and less use, we moved around a lot etc and I eventually took it to work and set it up in our warehouse. About 8 or 9 years ago, the receiver developed a short (if I can remember correctly) in the balance control and I stopped using it all together. By then we had ipods and home theatre systems, etc. It is also missing the monitor selector for some reason. Must have lost it during a move or something.

Not sure why I needed to write that history article...LOL, but hello everybody, glad I found your forum.
Now, I'm down sizing and getting rid of stuff I'm not using and I came here to see what ya'll thought I could sell this thing for. I could put it on ebay but I thought I'd dangle this on the forum here first. I'm in AZ and I can ship. Make me an offer. I can take Paypal, or postal money order. I'm planning on taking pics so if you're interested shoot me an email to

Thanks for looking!

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