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Refoamed Plat Woofers




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Refoamed Plat Woofers

FWIW I finally bought the surrounds for my c. 1991 ALS Plats from Midwest Speaker Repair a couple of years ago. They're the right size and come with the shims and glue, and maybe even the popsicle sticks. Hard to say now since it's been a while. Doing the job myself was not all that difficult, but I needed my jeweler's headset magnifier and a real steady hand to slice off the domes, and lots of clothespins to hold it all together while drying out. They dry-rotted after maybe 15 years, then sat for a while until someone finally decided to produce the right ones. Sure glad I didn't get rid of them.


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Re: Refoamed Plat Woofers

Excellent! Post some pics Barry.
In reality, it only matters what it sounds like to YOU!!!

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