A500 Diagnoses ?

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Re: A500 Diagnoses ?

Post by Doug » Mon Jan 23, 2012 8:10 am

Actually that's one thing I've stated here in the past about the a500x, that at higher volumes the upper end drops off, that's the whole reason I have a replacement TFM-45 sitting here for my brother when I visit him in March.

Interesting... Maybe they are both in need of a tune up or did you have your 500 worked on ?

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Re: A500 Diagnoses ?

Post by jjptkd » Mon Jan 23, 2012 10:54 am

Mine was fully serviced and updated, bench tested and running at full spec. It never cut out or "clipped" but the high end was (is) very noticeably rolled back at high volumes.
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Re: A500 Diagnoses ?

Post by Fud » Mon Dec 10, 2012 10:00 am

Hello Gentleman:

Again thank you for all your input regarding my A500 issues. I apologize for not catching up sooner. I have been building a home, buried in work and just plain blew off keeping up. In fact I couldn't even remember my old log in stuff and re-upped the acct. Please except my apology's.

anyway.... Many developments since your help and input. First off it took some time to accomplish what some had recommended such as checking the output signal of the A500 to determine if it is clean, which I am getting ready to have done.

As luck would have it I live near a fine older gentlemen who worked for Ellectrovoice back in the day and later Dow Chemical as an electrician. He is totally cool and has worked on my stuff since my old Heathkit receiver, Taman & Nova 7 speakers & BSR 710 turntable. 10th Grade....Great guy.

After much of your input I realized I was over driving speakers while drumming, I have since bought some nice isolation headphones which have an input and exterior volume control. Just prior to purchasing I was playing at the request of a neighbor and turned stuff up way to much and blew the mid's and hi's out of my boxes (Cerwinn RE-30's.)

It also may have been from previously replacing the 3 inch mid drivers to a 5 in which were some nice nos replacements off eBay for Cerwin 380 series cabinets. I don't believe the impedance was correct and may or may not have attributed to the problem. So the RE's have been out of service while I was waiting to have Lee the electorvoice dude look things over.

I believe I may have damaged the mid range part of the cross over because after replacing the replacement 380 series with new 380 replacements mids sounded flatter. Not for sure because of the time that lapsed between blowing stuff up and putting back together.

Long story short I have learned a few things: 1, the A 500 will mess shit up.. Secondly, Two speakers sound better then four..... and finally, When you turn shit up it can get expensive...

But at the end of the day I am having fun with my stuff and recently hung my turn table up so I can play to the old vinyl I still spin. I built a cheezy stereo shelf unit out of my neighbors barn door that blew off his barn, Ill post a picture when I get the components installed. The amps are going over to Electrovoice dudes to be checked out. We are customizing the crossovers to match the impedance of the new mids and possibly installing rheostats depending on if we nut the desired level from the mids.

Also I found an old set of speakers I had to have.....

When I was a kid neighbor dude came back from the service and had sent home a pioneer speck I, speck II and some HPM 1500s. He was God when it came to stereo's and I often would watch eBay for these speakers later in years wondering what the heck they were. I was at our local music shop buying some sticks and got talking with the manager, he mentioned he collected vintage stuff so we got talking. I asked him if he remembered the old Pioneers with the glass tweeter on top, yup he said and I know a guy who has a pair and he wants to sell them. Long story short I got em. He was moving into a smaller place and couldn't keep them. I now have to many speakers but like them to much to get rid of at present and hope that my young children will grow up to appreciated the vintage Joe Walsh I have been drilling into their developing minds enough to desire to have some old chrome faced stereo jive like dad had in the good ole days.

I am having fun messing around with my music which sat for over 15 years. It took nearly 5 years to get my loft completed in this stupid house were trying to coble together to the point where I could set up my skins and play some Frampton, REO I, REO II, Exile on Main Street, Todd Rungrent & the list goes on. I just disassembled my vintage Slingerland drums apart to restore them. It it the good thing I did, they were coming apart and need glue and shining up. As I may have mentioned before, I am an older parent with 3 youngins, we have no Idiot box but a home filled with music, my time is limited but as Arnold would say "Ill be baack !

Happy Holidays !

"The smoker you drink the player you get"

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