Tube Sound Not Real?

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Re: Tube Sound Not Real?

Post by gdb » Tue Jun 12, 2012 1:48 pm

treitz3 wrote:
gdb wrote:Sort of how I prefer watching a football game at home on a 50" plasma instead of eating cold $6 hotdogs and drinking warm/flat $7 beers with a lousy view of the plays. I'd love to attend a musical progam at Carnegie Hall before I take the "dirt nap" ! Supposed "perfect" sound from every seat in the house, I'd love to experience that. \:D/
Try getting, paying for and actually enjoying a premium seat. At that point, tell us your observations.

Ya can't see everything like you do on TV, even in the seats at the 50 yard line. That's all I'm trying to convey. I had great seats to see Little Feat w/Lowell at the Warner Theater many moons ago, a million dollar rig will never equal, let alone surpass that listening experience for me ! That said, most venues available to me, come nowhere near the sound stage I attend in my own living room. The beer there is colder/fresher too. :D

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