Anyone have experience with LP Gear?

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Anyone have experience with LP Gear?

Post by stereo_buff » Mon Jul 16, 2012 7:43 am

I have been considering replacing the (factory) stylus on my Ortofon Super OM 40 cartridge with the Shibata replacement for same sold by LP Gear. LP Gear claims that the Shibata replacement "...does not have the noisiness and coldness that some have experienced with the FG shape." Noticing the lack of electrical specifications for the product on the LP Gear website, however, I sent them an email (which the site claims, "We can be quickly and conveniently reached"), receiving no response. A month has passed and I have since sent them a second email last week, for which I have yet to receive a response. Has anyone here dealt with LP Gear before? If so, were you satisfied with the transaction? Any horror stories? Better yet, has anyone purchased the "LP Gear Shibata replacement for Ortofon Stylus 40"? Any info appreciated!

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