Nixie tube clock

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Nixie tube clock

Post by EndersShadow » Sat Jan 12, 2013 10:33 pm

So I have been obsessed lately with tubes, and Lasereath a year or so back posted a Nixie clock or two and I honestly have been looking for a decently cheap DIY kit to make one.

I have had no luck doing it and was hoping someone here might have some idea as to where to find a decently priced kit in the US.

I would prefer to have at least hours and minutes and if possible seconds (but normally the more tubes the more cost).

I would prefer it to be one where the tubes are vertically with nothing on the other side of them like the first picture, however if it has to be like the second picture that is ok.

It doesn't need to have an enclosure, I will get one built for it.

Suggestions? ... -clock.jpg ... nish-f.jpg
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