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It's that time of the year - YARD SALES



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Post Sat Jun 08, 2013 11:21 am

It's that time of the year - YARD SALES

Here in NEPA, Yard Sales spring up like crazy during the summer and you would be surprised what people put out for sale - mos not knowing exactly what they have.

What treasures have you found recently?

BTW- Harry found a really cool "box" that if someone distracts him, I can "borrow" and show you how it looks in my truck. Of course, I'd have to borrow a few other items too since the truck is lacking desperately in that department - but with a good enough distraction, I am sure he would never miss it.
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Re: It's that time of the year - YARD SALES

Dewalt hand sander: paid next to nothing for this great sander that came in real handy for sanding my speakers....
Couple of years ago scored a great Klipsch PC sound system including sub-woofer. Think I paid like $25 for this...
My daughter has scored a bunch of really valuable stuff (old books, jewelry, collectibles) that she then sells on eBay. Has found old books worth 100's of $'s and at a lot of these sales they just don't know (or care) what they have; they just want to get rid of it. Sales that are selling off stuff from an old person who has passed are the best as the heirs don't take the time to sort thru all of grandma's jewelry nor grandpa's old tools or electronics...
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