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Samsung/Mitsubishi DLP white dots



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Post Sun Jan 12, 2014 1:20 pm

Samsung/Mitsubishi DLP white dots

If anyone has a Samsung or Mitsubishi DLP and are experiencing the dreaded "white dots" which is due to a DMD chip failure, I have good news, at least with Samsung. Understand Mits is currently picking up part cost, if you are determined. After arguing with Samsung "higher ups", I was able to get my 67" Sammie DLP fixed free of charge, both P & L, even though TV is almost 3 years out of Manufacturer's Warranty. If you had this failure, which is all over the internet, don't give up when you hear the standard answer of "normal wear and tear. Move up the food chain. Typically you will reach a call center overseas. Demand to be transferred to an American operator.

If anyone is experiencing this problem, PM me and I will go into details.

I will also post in the very near future, as time permits, my experience with DTV Express, who failed to honor an extended warranty I purchased from them on this TV. Quite the story. Be forewarned. :(
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Post Sun Jan 12, 2014 2:00 pm

Re: Samsung/Mitsubishi DLP white dots

I had a Mitsubishi DLP TV It got struck by lightning once that cost me 500.00 to get fixed. Then it said Air flow is blocked Tv will shut down in 30 seconds. I fixed that myself that happened twice more and on the third time I threw the fuckin thing in the garbage. Now I have a flat screen Sanyo.
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Re: Samsung/Mitsubishi DLP white dots

With a million plus mirrors on a chip, inevadably they die one pixel at a time.
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Post Sun Jan 12, 2014 5:07 pm

Re: Samsung/Mitsubishi DLP white dots

With me it was the "color wheel"...when the second one failed I gave it to the Salvation Army & bought a Sharp led.

I love it !

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