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GR Research Speaker Build


Zoot Horn

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Post Thu Feb 13, 2014 7:57 pm

Re: GR Research Speaker Build

Yep. Just trying to decide if I want the ported or not,,at this point I think I may go ported


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Post Sun Feb 16, 2014 10:45 am

Re: GR Research Speaker Build

If somebody else has the urge to build some decent smaller monitors, here might be a nice option....


Making these 2 way point source kind of monitors work, the crossover is key. All the heavy lifting is done on design in this case. And Danny's design work is good.

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Post Fri Nov 14, 2014 3:23 pm

Re: GR Research Speaker Build

Comparison of my PSB Stratus mini's to Matt's GR Research Classics

Several months back, Matt and I set his GR Research Classics up and compared against my PSB Stratus mini's in the same listening environment with the same equipment. The PSB Stratus mini's listed for about $1000 to $1100 when new. Believe I purchased them for about $400 on the used market several years back in like new condition. Ported 2 way bookshelf system. Today, probably can be purchased for $300 to $350 in very good shape.

The GR Research Classic kit believe I have about $350 in considering shipping and pre-built cabinets. Did not upgrade the caps for Matt. Christmas present for him and went into a secondary listening room in his home. However, we upgraded the cabinets with no-rez. Also, a ported 2 way bookshelf design. Link http://gr-research.com/x-lsclassickit.aspx


The PSB's seemed to dig a little deeper. However, neither system will produce gut wrenching bass which is to be expected. To reach full range, obviously a sub is needed. For casual listening, bass is more than adequate with both brands.


Although both speakers have a good mid-range, the GR Research Classics hade a more open and realistic mid-range. We both noticed it was a tad brighter in this area, which appealed to both of us. The PSB's were a little more recessed and vocals were a little further back in the sound field. Both speakers produced good vocals.


Both speakers, although not silky smooth in this range, acquitted themselves quite well. The PSB's seemed to bring out the high-hats a little more. In the very beginning of Dave Brubeck's Take Five, the high hats/cymbals were a little more pronounced, although very, very close on each of the speakers.


Both speakers acquitted themselves quite well in this department. Bookshelves just seem to shine in this area. Good width and depth to the sound stage.


Been happy with the little PSB's for years and still am. I fully expected the little PSB's to blow away this GR Research starter kit in all areas based on the list price of the PSB years ago vs the poultry price of the GR Research kit today. Guess it proves what a good value these GR Research kits really are.
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Post Fri Nov 14, 2014 6:47 pm

Re: GR Research Speaker Build

Thanks for the review Don. I'm sure that both you and Matt are satisfied with the sonic outcomes. \:D/
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