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Great Members of the Past (#1 BillD) - Carversite

Post by Martin1970 » Thu Feb 20, 2014 6:02 am

Direct copy of my post from the the Carversite

Great Members of the Past and the Policies Changes they Inspire (#1 - BillD)

First of all, let me say that I've always really loved this site. There has always been a sense that people here try to be better. Doing good for others is its own reward.
When I first came here, I was very shy. I was afraid to post out in the open. So many smart people. I thought I'd sound like an idiot. But, I had read lots about the topic of biamping and finally got the nerve to message one of the members. (Yeah, I was so shy that even doing that was a huge big deal for me.)

I worked on the first message for hours. I took pictures, gathered information, part numbers.... and I sent it to BillD.

He immediately responded with almost everything I needed to know. He also put the same level of effort into his response. Corrected part numbers, images, the works.

Together, we designed a small component, an unbalanced to balanced converter. OK, in truth, he designed it and I built it. But he did this for a newbie nobody with no posts - with no chance for a reward. That is the kind of guy we all know he was. I'll admit, I cried more than once when he died. The news was a kick in the chest of the same kind as someone in the family.

After he died, I went back into my messages. I'm a total packrat and wanted to read it all again. Perhaps I'd be able to pull some of that information out and make it into a post. Something of a how-to for folks who want to build one... It was all gone. I messaged Rich and he told me that pms are purged after a certain amount of time.

Recently there has been lots of controversy about private messages. I have been thinking ... how expensive could it possibly be to keep that few bytes of data in this age of cheap terabyte hard drives and free cloud storage? I've got $20,000 worth of stereo equipment. I don't have a problem paying a few cents to keep priceless information like those messages with BillD alive. I think private message policy needs a big rethink and a serious, honest discussion. A discussion in which the members of this site have the lion's share of the say in this. Perhaps a poll?

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