Remote chance anyone going through Virginia on S I-95

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Remote chance anyone going through Virginia on S I-95

Post by Don » Tue Mar 08, 2016 9:32 am

Has some of you know per my previous post, Packratt picked up a Vintage Marantz Int. amp for me Saturday. Thank you Packratt. =D> Is there a remote chance anyone going through Virginia on southbound I-95 in the next couple of months on the way to Florida to where maybe a hand off could be arranged?

I will be seeing Carver buddies in Savannah, Georgia, Greenville, SC., Charlotte, NC during the month of May. Therefore, if anyone is near one of these locations while passing through Virginia a coordination of a hand off may be also possible. If not, Packratt will so graciously ship to Florida for me. Just trying to avoid any potential shipping damage, if at all possible.

I know a long shot, but thought I would post up. :-k

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