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I may stop leaving positive feedback for sellers.

Post by faustus » Sat Aug 18, 2007 1:09 pm

This guy, Petitte, should have his picture in the dictionary next to the definition of unscrupulous...

un·scru·pu·lous (ŭn-skrōō'pyə-ləs)
adj. Devoid of scruples; oblivious to or contemptuous of what is right or honorable.

Unfortunately, there's not enough time to track all of these unscrupulous jokers.

WRT feedback, I've had two unscrupulous sellers recently. In both cases, the item was a Carver TD-1700 tape deck and in both cases I paid for the item within minutes of the close of auction...

In one case, the seller took 5 days to tell me the item would ship in another 4 days. Despite pristine item description and promise to pack well, the item arrived less than pristine and not packed so well. Still, I left a positive feedback -- giving the seller the benefit of the doubt on condition and packing. My mistake! The seller has still not left me a feedback, despite an email from me requesting the same. Seller has, however, sent me two different emails with the opportunity to purchase an extended warranty for the used item. I guess this is the seller's way of letting me know that I will get a positive feedback as soon as I purchase the warranty -- fat frickin' chance! Seller's ebay id = cpicolla.

The other seller was much worse, believe it or not. Before auction close, I inquired about the item's functionality and about double boxing for shipment. I received email confirmation that the item functioned normally and would be double boxed. I won the auction and paid immediately. Several days later, I get a (weak) email about how the item had been shipped single-boxed by mistake by his wife. I sent back a major flame of an email, protesting the deceit and noting that I had his emails to prove my contention to ebay. Interestingly, I got back another email, stating that lucky for me, the item was still in his wife's car and had not been shipped. Days later, the item arrived, double boxed, but when I removed it from the packaging the rest of the deception became clear: the case of the unit had undisclosed corrosion damage and although the unit powered-up, it would not play a tape. I did not bother to pursue the matter with the seller nor with ebay because my out-of-pocket was still below $100 even after I re-belted the deck and fixed the exterior finish (sanding, painting). Still, the seller has not left me a positive feedback. Seller's ebay id = jessicasimmons.

Fortunately for me, both units are now functioning normally and look good too. But, I may just stop leaving feedback, or wait for the seller to leave mine first. It has become a bullsh*t tool that sellers try to use to leverage buyers. You can no longer count on receiving positive feedback from sellers, even if you deserve it.

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