Sellers beware

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Sellers beware

Post by treitz3 » Sat Jul 21, 2007 8:51 pm

Quote from E-pray...

"In the aftermath of ebaY Live in Boston, ebaY has implemented a plan they feel will improve the "buyer experience" on ebaY."

What ebaY is doing is suspending some sellers who have complaints from buyers. ebaY is not looking at the complaints to see if they are legitimate, just giving the seller a 7 to 14 day suspension with the threat of permanent suspension if the seller does not go back and fix the problems, and refrain from having further problems. So, if the complaint is from a deadbeat buyer, who did not receive the item because they did not pay for it, this counts against the seller. If the complaint is from a thief who refuses to return the item but still wants a full refund, this counts against the seller. If the complaint is about a flaw in an item, even if the flaw was stated in the description, the complaint still counts against the seller. If the complaint is from a buyer, who tries to use the rating or complaint system to blackmail the seller into selling them something at a ridiculously low price, the complaint still counts against the seller. If the complaint is from a buyer, who wants the seller to do something illegal, such as falsify customs forms, the complaint counts against the seller.

As always, there is noone at ebaY the seller can contact to get such issues resolved. ebaY ignores emails, sends canned automated answers, and as usual, slams the door in the seller's face, even if ebaY is completely wrong in their action.

The full article in link provided below... ... WPERWRJPX0
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Post by bob p » Sun Jul 22, 2007 1:20 am

my experience is that eBay isn't interested in spending the time to help anyone, regardless of whether they're buyers or sellers. they don't make money by looking into problems, so they don't bother. when they're forced to bother, they bother in the form of a token effort. i really don't see this as news. its the same old same old.
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