eBay to discontinue checks and money orders

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Re: eBay to discontinue checks and money orders

Post by TNRabbit » Thu Aug 21, 2008 3:35 pm

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Re: eBay to discontinue checks and money orders

Post by OBI56 » Thu Aug 21, 2008 4:11 pm

Radioeng, maybe you should look into the amount your credit card company has you (arbitrarily) limited to for your PayPal account. Happened to me once and all it took was 1 phone call for them to increase the transfer limit to Paypal from what it had been initailly authorized for to the spending limit on the credit card. You could have a ridiculously low amount that was originally given to you like $200 even if you have $10K left on your spending limit on your credit card. No more problems since then some 3 years ago. They will not increase your transfer limit unless you specifically ask for it.
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Re: eBay to discontinue checks and money orders

Post by Toy Maker » Thu Aug 21, 2008 4:58 pm

radioeng2 wrote:My problem with Paypal is that after I'd used it for a while, they said I'd reached a limit (it hadn't been more than a few hundred) and said I couldn't transfer money into my PP account from my Credit Card any more. WTF!!! They want direct access into my bank account, which they make hard to set up and ain't happen NO WAY IN HELL!! So now it takes me three business days to transfer money in. I always did prefer to pay with Money Orders and since they nixed the credit card they made it so there was no reason to use them.

With this new coming rule, I'm forced to screw around with them and all their scammin' fraud practices!! Starting to sound likely, with it being difficult to use, that I won't be using them unless there's something I'm really hot for!

What a great way to build business...make it hard to do... When I see paypal only on an auction listing, I've just been closing it and moving on!!

Let me make a stupid suggestion..... I did this already, and it works GREAT !!
Go open another checking account at your local bank, join them through your internet online banking, then you can transfer $$ from your main account to your new ONLINE checking account any time you want. That way they never have a line to your real account.
It works GREAT, and keeps them out of your main account. It also work great for wire transfers too...

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Re: eBay to discontinue checks and money orders

Post by radioeng2 » Fri Aug 22, 2008 1:24 pm

Actually it wasn't my credit card that made up the problem, it was Paypal. Their whole thing with this is just bull of course. They didn't like me dropping in money and then paying it right out for an auction purchase. They want you to have to leave money laying around in their accounts.
Good idea on the seperate account James. It's actually what I did. But I haven't figured out how to attach the credit card for it, to my PP account. I can transfer money from the new bank account, but that takes the 3 flippin' business days.
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