M-200t protect light stays on

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M-200t protect light stays on

Post by Kodau » Fri Jul 04, 2014 1:17 pm

My M-200t amplifier has been working fine up until today. Upon turning the amp on it produced a fuzzy sound. I noticed the protect led on. I shut off the amp and turned back on. The sound was fine for half a second then the fuzzy sound again--protect led on again. I disconnected the input rca's--turned back on--no change. Turned off again, disconnected both speaker wires from output--turned back on-- no change--led protect light still on. What could the problem be? There was no apparent triggering event ie.--no crossed output wires, no high input voltage from preamp, no lightning strike, no power outage. Could it be old and leaky dried out capacitors? I love this amp. Please help.

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Re: M-200t protect light stays on

Post by fill35U » Mon Jul 07, 2014 10:04 am

Welcome to CarverAudio, Kodau! :)

Sorry to hear about your M-200t. Yes, you could have bad capacitors. In fact, if she has never been "recapped", it's almost guaranteed! Even if you replace the ones that might be causing the "protection" mode, you really should change *all* the electrolytic caps to prevent future problems as well.

However, when one component goes bad, it will often damage other ones. It can be a fair amount of work finding them.

Carver amps like your M-200t have a somewhat complicated and unconventional power supply and amplifier section. If you're not already familiar with electronic theory, handy with a soldering iron, and equipped with basic diagnostic tools (Variac, multimeter, oscilloscope), you're probably better off sending it to a knowledgeable tech for repair. Your friendly local stereo repair shop *probably* isn't the best bet.

Good luck! :)
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