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Help with Repair Carver C-1000 Receiver




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Help with Repair Carver C-1000 Receiver


I would appreciate some assistance in my efforts to repair a Carver C-1000 Receiver. Someone worked on the receiver previously without success and I told a friend I would take a look. A schematic doesn't appear to be available but if someone has it and would like to share? Also, it appears two transistors, Q220 & 221 were replaced and possibly substituded with a different part. I would like to make sure the parts are correct, The part# installed is IRFZ44 for both locations. Also, what are the correct values for resistors R247 & R255 which are connected to Q220. Thanks
Q220, Q221, R247 & R255 located on left side of Amp PCB.
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Re: Help with Repair Carver C-1000 Receiver

Sorry no one has gotten back to you on this. There are no schematics available for that unit; it's usually considered to be a boat anchor if anything goes wrong...

You might try Rolland at HiTech Electronics in Oregon....

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Post Mon Aug 18, 2014 1:17 pm

Re: Help with Repair Carver C-1000 Receiver

I couldn't find a service manual or schematic, either.

Interesting that it's a FET amp- unique among Carver?

IME gate drive resistors are around 5-30 ohms, but I don't have experience with FET audio amps. The gate resistors control both turn-on and turn-off times. I'd guess in a linear application, the min turn-on is more important. Probably better to err on the side of too big! Minimal wattage.

Good luck! I always liked those C-1000's foreshadowed Sunfire styling.
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Re: Help with Repair Carver C-1000 Receiver

I'd check with Bill... He is one of the very few that might be able to help on this one.
It was built BY Sunfire FOR Carver....



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Post Mon Aug 18, 2014 4:44 pm

Re: Help with Repair Carver C-1000 Receiver

I've asked Bill about these before, pretty much like Rabbit said, boat anchor if it breaks. I know Bill won't work on it anyway, maybe Rolland at Hi-Tech?? :-k :-k
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