CT-25.1 problems...... advice please !?!?!?!

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CT-25.1 problems...... advice please !?!?!?!

Post by Toy Maker » Sat Oct 16, 2004 10:49 am

I just noticed this, this morning...

When I 1st turned it on, with the remote, no problem, it powered up, and seemed to be running fine. After a few seconds, I tried to turn the volume down (with the remote), and (nothing) the preamp would not respond.
so I started playing.

While the preamp is off, the remote WILL power it on, but nothing else after it's on.
1st I tried the batteries, of course.... Not the problem.
2nd I tried powering the preamp on with the remote, then pushing buttons on the remote right away, they all seemed to work till the preamp was fully powered on and outputting audio, then the remote stopped working again.

I got a little frustrated at that point, and figured it was time for a new preamp... went and took a shower, came back, and now the remote works 100%.

Anyone ever heard of anything like this?? Seems like something needs to warm up and once it is, everything works fine. I have had this preamp for about 4-5 years, and have never had a problem with it at all.
Is this a sign that something on the board is starting to go ??

Any help would be great. Thanks guys.
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