M-400 and the M-400A

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M-400 and the M-400A

Post by edriz » Wed Jan 06, 2010 8:51 am

I guess nobody liked the M-400 and the M-400a good enough to write a review of either of them. Well I got to tell ya, I sure did. I got my M-400a back when it was brand new so I guess you can say before it...or me was considered vintage. I never heard of Carver until a friend of mine in the barracks, yup-I was in the Army. If you want to see variety of audio gear, it was the Army in Germany from 1980-1984.

Anyway, this guy had the C-4000 pre if i recall. So, I already had my stereo from the states. Not to waste space on the details but I did have the famed Pioneer SX-1980. Still have "The Legend" as a matter of fact. Now, I decided to go hit the AAFEEs audio store and look into Carver Gear.Having my own car made it nice too. "The Cube" Caught my eye. Plus they were having a push on Carver Audio at the time. I was checking out the Brochure and it stated the power of the M-400a (the "T" wasn't out yet). I couldn't get over it, the specs on this little thing and the claims made by Bob. I talked one of the reps there to hook one up for me and he took the display model in the "speaker room"
I got a chance to listen to the Cube through a few different speakers and was amazed by it. It had suych a clear, crisp sound. Very natural and real different then the Pioneer that I was used to.

He ran the M-400a through a C-1 and checking out the rear of the C-1 I was quite impressed with the Number of In's and Out's available. Plus the fact that it had outs for 2 amps!! 8) But ya know, those speaker rooms are designed to sound good. Made me wonder how it would sound in a more natural setting. It just happened that there were a few speakers outside the speaker room I wanted to hear. One of those were Klipsch Lascalas :D Well, this isn't a reveiw for the Lascalas but lets just say that I did leave the store with the M-400a and the C-1 :D It took me another 2 months to get the lascalas. You should hear the story how I got the lascalas back to the barracks. :lol:

Anyway, that M-400a in the last 29 years had been droped, gone through a house fire, has played at more house parties then I could ever remember, been around the world and back and still to this day will out perform most any amp in it's class and it has not had not one cap replaced, never been cleaned or serviced but it does kick some serious ass. It's "Loud, Proud, Clean and Mean.

It delivers crisp sound, natural sound, has no audible distortion, drives my lascalas to ear bleed, earth shattering, paint peeling levels. It makes Louis Armstrong sound like he's sitting in my living room playing just for me. Al DiMeola never sounded so good and Saxon would be proud. My point, it doesn't matter what the music is you like, what listening level you choose the M-400 series of amps will reproduce it. I have 2 of the 3 in the 400 series and I can speak from experience. And I have had the "A" for as long as anyone can own one. When Bob Carver built this "Cube", he really knew what he was doing. I don't know what passion he put into any of his other gear but if it was anything like he did for the M-400a, WOW. My M-400a has been to hell and back again and it still is one great Power Amp still going stron. Look out Energizer Bunny.
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Re: M-400 and the M-400A

Post by Jag_97470 » Wed Jan 06, 2010 10:21 am

Cool story edriz! I like the part, It's "Loud, Proud, Clean and Mean. Thanks for the story! That was awesome!

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Re: M-400 and the M-400A

Post by kingman » Wed Jan 06, 2010 10:33 am

Fantastic!!!!! 8) \:D/ 8)
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Re: M-400 and the M-400A

Post by BillD » Wed Jan 06, 2010 1:51 pm

I love my M-400s (neither of them are the "a" model, which had a slightly different power supply than the original). They are truly amazing for their size. Three voltage rails (±25, ±50 and ±75 Volts) and, of course, the mag coil triac controlled power supply. Because of that, they are a total bitch to work on.
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