M400t the under rated amp

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M400t the under rated amp

Post by frankieD » Fri Oct 26, 2007 6:33 pm

My first Carver amp was an M400t known then as the Carver Cube. I bought it to drive mt Infinity rs1.5's which had a (special?) Watkins dual drive woofer. A power sponge that drops to 2ohm sometimes. I didn't really understand why my 100 wpc rms receiver wasn't good enough but I noticed a difference in the bass response hearing the speakers driven with high power. I later got an M500t (best looking amp ever) and used it, but thats for another review.

This review is about the much overlooked Cube. First it is an amazing little package of power and sounds great. Remember I'm no audiophile so mainly I listen. Do I hear everything? Is it clear? When I crank it does it sound "strained"? With the infinity's the answers were yes, yes and no. I never drove the Als silvers with 1 M400t but with my last brain fart and the temporary absence of my TFM42 I did drive the als's with a pair of M400t's bridged. They amazed me. 500 watts per was more power than the tfm and they sounded spectacular. The bass on the Stones "anybody seen my baby" was awsome and they passed my three other tests as well. Oh I forgot THIS IS ONLY MY OPINION! But just between you and my my stuff sounds better than yours.

Thank you, Frank.

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