M-500t Mk II road show amplifier

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M-500t Mk II road show amplifier

Post by RichP714 » Thu Oct 16, 2008 9:16 pm

A place for people to post their experiences with this amp and share information. What speakers did you run her on, etc.....

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Re: M-500t Mk II road show amplifier

Post by SteveFord » Fri Oct 17, 2008 8:35 am

I'm not part of the road show but have moved my impressions on mine over to here with a few updates.
I unplugged my trusty M1.0t, hooked up the beautiful new amp and put on Zappa's Apostrophe (') as it has lots of interesting sounds and I've heard it a million times.
The first thing I had to do was turn the bass down from it's previous setting as Rich's amp puts out a bit more bass than the 1.0t does.
The music starts and the swirling snow never sounded so good outside of the concert hall. It was a WOW! YOU ARE THERE moment.
I know that we don't recall sounds very well so I did a three minute amp switch and the 1.0t has a much thinner sound in the upper registers, the presence is greatly reduced (more of a 2D as opposed to a 3D sound stage - swirling snow really showed that up nicely), midrange sounded metallic and shoved in the background and the bass had to be turned back up.
I did my best to match the sound levels by ear and preamp setting but the improvement in sound was so noticeable that it took 5 seconds to hear the improvement with Rich's amp.
Equipment used were a pair of Magnepan IIIAs, a pair of MMGs as remotes, C-4000 preamp, Rega Planet 2000 cd player with DTL unit, NHT SW1P subwoofer with NHT amp, Tributaries speaker wire and silver interconnects from Ben from Polk Forum fame.
A few equipment changes have taken place in this set up - Jolida JD100A cd player replaced the Rega, Sunfire Tube Preamp replaced the C4000, SVS sub replaced the NHT, no remote speakers at the moment.
The sound is stupendous: crystal clear and it will go as loud as you can stand it.
Rich has been great to deal as everyone here on this forum knows.
I had been thinking Sunfire to match the Tube Preamp but I like this amp so much that I've decided to order another one from him for the upstairs system. It has the sound I want, all the power I need and the customer service can't be beat.
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Re: M-500t Mk II road show amplifier

Post by Mr. M-500t » Thu Dec 04, 2008 11:00 pm

I thought Richp714's mods on the M-500t MK-II are well worth the time and money it takes to do it. I hooked it up to my AL-III's before I tore them apart and was thoroughly impressed with its bass and mid range output. I thought it was a little bright in the treble but nothing that couldn't be controlled by the preamp adjustments. I just wish I could have really cranked it up but I ran into the same problem as Gary did with the M-500 MK-II. It just couldn't continuously drive the 4 ohm load of the AL-III's without the thermal protection circuit breaker kicking it out for a cool down. I could tell it had allot more power than the standard M-500t and sounded superior to the non modified ones of mine. I especially liked the tighter bass and more defined mid range out put of the MK-II although I must say it ran much warmer than any of mine. I then hooked it up to my little Paradigm Monitors and it did just great with these speakers. This amp I would have liked to have kept just for those. I was really impressed with the sound and definition the amp brought to the pair of speakers. Like I said at my first impression of Rich's amp; my 500's seem to be somewhat tired. I wish I had the extra cash to have Rich do all of mine because I think it's well worth it. I just wish I knew for sure that the increase in wattage output didn't effect the magnetic transformers life span. Like I said Rich; your amp was quite noisy at idle and when I had it hooked up through the Rane AC-22 I had the ability to cut the highs off and listen to the woofers on my AL-III's and I could really hear that transformer working with every bass note. I didn't get to play with it as much as I wanted to because we had just moved into a new house but I felt like I had had it long enough and it was time to send it on to the next test range. Thanks again Rich. *5* :D

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