Post Sat Apr 05, 2014 9:32 am

Happy to be here. I need help.

Hi everyone. This is Bob from MI. I'm glad to join the forum and learn from you guys. I have been reading some of the
Information on this site for awhile and have gotten bit by the Carver Bug.

I currently have 2 Sunfire True Sub Sig. A Sunfire TGP IV , Sunfire Cinema Grand amp, and Caver ALiii speakers in my
Home Theater set-up along with a non-Carver center and rear surrounds. I also purchased another pair of ALiii's for a
2 channel system in my basement, along with a Carver A500x. This system is not in operation yet, though.
I was recently looking at a Cinema Grand Sig. Amp for nore power in my HT system. Can you guys tell me if the Sig model
(5x405)has better parts and sounds better than the regular model(5x200) ? I know it has double the power but I wondered if the parts were upgraded over the regular one. Thanks in advance for your help.