Opinion on av-806x? Bridging specs?

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Big Nate
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Post by Big Nate » Tue Jun 08, 2004 1:15 pm

I have a AV-806x as part of a Carver system I will be retiring. I recently purchased Sony's Top of the line ES 9000 receiver to save space on my separates, rather than having them stacked on a pedestal talking up quit a bit space (the wife hates it)

I actually have never bridged my unit, however I have bi-wired my AL-III+’s speakers. Let's just say this, I have thoroughly enjoyed my AV-806x amp, in my opinion it actually out performs my new Digital Drive 200 x 7 WPC , 7.1 Sony receiver. This unit has considerable dynamic headroom when demanded. Having directly compared the two, I am extremely impressed with what Carver put together years ago.
I don’t drive my units loud for extended periods of time, but I have been really impressed with its power range, warmth & drive characteristics.

The only reason it’s no longer my primary power source, is because I need the space with my new large screen TV, which has limited space with the stands that’s built to hold the TV.

I have had my unit for 5 years and it has never let me down once, never blew a fuse and never produced audible distortion. Given the fact that I was driving probably a pair of the least efficient speakers out there, I’d say you can’t go wrong with this unit. I can only imagine what it sounds like bridged into two channels. Any you’re right, when bridged into two channels you are looking at close to 400 wpc.
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Re: Opinion on av-806x? Bridging specs?

Post by danw2002 » Thu Nov 11, 2004 4:12 pm

i have a custom 3 channel amp that i made out of 6 806 modules. these are tuff little amps, and are mostly limited by the output of the transformer they used. i did custom 2 toral transformers(one for each 3 modules) and my amp puts out 500x3 into 8 ohms, RMS, 1000x3 peak....and yes they can be bridged on the 806...would have to look at my service book to remember how, eme if you need to know.....
alpha6164 wrote:I am interested in the 806, but it has been almost impossible to find any info or review on this product. How old is this unit? Should I stay away from such an old production. From some bits and pieces it seems as though it is a great amp and won many awards when it came out and one of the magazines mentioned it as using it as a reference amp. I am mostly interested in bridging it to a 3-ch and powering my front L/R/C. I know it puts out 133wpcs, but what is it bridged? I read somewhere that its is ~360bridged X3. I thought when you bridge two channels the power doubles not triple? All inputs appreciated. Thanks.
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