Sonic Holography Discussion

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Sonic Holography Discussion

Post by C9er » Sun Apr 05, 2009 1:28 pm

I'm new here and would imagine that this topic has been discussed, but well, I'm new here.
When Carver Corporation was still in business and Bob was still churning out audio equipment designs within that company that bordered on magic, I did not have the means to purchase much of it. The technology that intrigued me the most was Sonic Holography. I first heard the affect when Polk first introduced their SDA line of speakers. Then I saw an ad describing Sonic Holography and was perplexed but intrigued by how the same affect could be produced entirely electronically. Carver at the time would send you a thin vynl recording with the cancelation signals recorded into it. When I listened to it I was hooked and had to have a C-9, which I eventually saved up for and hooked up to my venerable NAD 3020 integrated amp. That had to be back around 1980. It's been in my slowly evolving system ever since. Over the years I've used it and not used it, always debating with myself whether or not it colored the sound or enhanced it, or both. I'm presently enjoying it again, saying the hell with over analysing it, I like what it does. What I'm looking for here, is other peoples experience and knowledge about this technology, whether used as a separate component or imbedded in a preamp or receiver. Following is some of my observation and experience with Sonic Holography over the years.

1. Speaker placement needs to be closer together than usual without SH.

2. I have never found listening sweet spot as critical as people have complained about. I would sit in that spot with or without SH. I've heard people say that your head moving as much as one inch causes the image to colapse. I find I have as much as a foot in either direction and can turn my head and look at the solid location of individual instruments to the outside of the speakers without losing the image.

3. Spectral tonal balance seems to tilt up slightly brightening most recordings. Now Carver literature has always said that the SH circuitry introduces no tonal coloration and I believe there is no equalization going on here. So I've always wondered if it's the extended separation that causes this, such as you hear when you switch back and forth from mono to stereo.

4. I always here more ambience with SH engaged and sometimes artificial reverb is exagerated. My theory here again is enhanced separation. Most ambient signal I believe comes from the extreme L-R L+R part of the signal, which is clarified through crosstalk cancelation? And if reverb is taking place in that part of the signal it will be exagerated?

Well I hope people will chime in here. I'd love to see Bob Carver himself add his knowledge.

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Re: Sonic Holography Discussion

Post by Toy Maker » Sun Apr 05, 2009 1:40 pm

#1 I KNOW the sweet sopt changes quickly with "ribbons" never heard a system with conventional driver and SH ??
#2 The C-9 is the BEST unit to be listening to. The C-9 and the C-1 preamp use the same cirucit. everything else was modded, or changed over to digitial, Stick with the C-9.
I have heardno less that 5-6 units with H, and the C-( IS the best sounding.

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Re: Sonic Holography Discussion

Post by Rainman » Sun Apr 05, 2009 2:53 pm

I know we posted this a few times before, but just so no one has to go look for it..If anyone does not already have this, or has not seen this it is a great tool to help with proper set up for Sonic Holography... For anyone who may want to know, this was written by Mr. Carver himself and is right out of an owners manual for a Carver pre amp. Some guys have told me their manuals do not contain a detailed speaker placement "blue print" like this and many people have found this to be very helpful. Enjoy

Sonic Holography P1.jpg
Sonic Holography P1.jpg (615.47 KiB) Viewed 1167 times
Sonic Holography 2.jpg
Sonic Holography 2.jpg (521.08 KiB) Viewed 1170 times
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