M1.0t MKII.2 vs TFM-35x.2....

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M1.0t MKII.2 vs TFM-35x.2....

Post by HRDROKN » Wed Dec 17, 2008 8:57 pm

OK…. So I finally get a chance to really evaluate the M1.0t MKII.2. I used my TFM-35x.2 as that is really my only reference for comparison.

Upon receiving the M1.0t MKII.2 I immediately hooked her up and began listening and listening…. and listening! Funny thing was I was becoming content with that whole scenario and that really wasn’t conducive to forming any sort of real opinion. Which takes me to the other day….

I sat down with the remotes in hand, pondering where to start this whole thing and since this amp reviewing process is all new to me (or at least the writing about it part), I decided to see what I have with some decent female vocals. So out comes the Norah Jones CD, I guess that was the best I could do… heck what do I know anyway!

So I listened to 3 or 4 tracks of the CD on the M1.0t and decided that I need to choose one track and really start familiarizing my self with it if I intend on making any comparisons. So I was off to the laborious process of swapping amps back and forth while listening to various segments of the same track. I got to tell ya… I was really having a hard time finding something different between these amps! I continued this process for nearly 2 hours and the only subtleties that I could find were that the vocals sounded a little warmer (maybe even smoother) and the LF was a bit tighter with the TFM-35x.2 amp. OK, so lets move on to some different music and see if that feeling holds true.

I spent the next hour looking for something that sounded good! Everything I put in just didn’t strike me as good to listen to…. I tried just about every type of music I had and nothing was sounding right, so I just stopped and walked away disgusted!

Which brings us to today… a day that I had every intention of doing something other than playing with stereo equipment! Ya, right! That didn’t last long… so I was back at it in hopes of a better outcome!

In goes the Fleetwood Mac – Rumors CD and it really sounded good today! So I played with that CD for a while, switching between amps all the while. Again I was finding it difficult to pick something out that these amps were doing different. And again the TFM-35x.2 had a warmer sound with better bass. At first I thought that the M1.0t’s bass extension was better and that was why it sounded a bit muddy and I do mean a little bit in comparison… remember, I’m really having to be picky to find something in way of comparison here. But it wasn’t that the M1.0t MKII.2 was deeper it just wasn’t as tight as the TFM-35x.2. So these were similar impressions as from the day before… cool at least something was going consistent.

Now for some classical music… maybe some Beethoven, Piano Sonata No. 23 in F minor! So off I go with the same back to back process of comparison. This time the M1.0t showed me something… it was more believable! The notes of the music were more like I would imagine them to be if I were listening to a live concert. The TFM still played a warmer sound, but just wasn’t as realistic IMO.

Now I’m starting to wonder if there are even enough real differences between these amps to prefer one over the other… maybe this is a hopeless comparison! So what do I play next? Maybe something I know like the palm of my hand…. yes that’s it, Pink Floyd – The Wall ! I could probably sit here and write every lyric to the double CD… really!

So with the M1.0t MKII.2 still hooked up, I started listening, and listening and the whole time I’m thinking that I have to stop and switch amps, but there was something really different going on here. Maybe all my work on speaker placement was finally paying off! Sure that’s it! I was hearing a vary familiar CD with a larger sound stage then what I have experienced in the past. I was also noticing slight content that somehow maybe just slipped by me in a drunken stupor. Wait a minute…. I’m certain I will find the same once I switch amps, because this was all about speaker placement right? Wrong! The TFM-35x.2 did sound better, but still lacked a dynamic that the M1.0t MKII.2 had. Back to back comparisons of the same segment didn’t alter my opinion. The M1.0t MKII.2 really started to show and set itself apart from that other amp…. Oh, ya I remember the TFM-35x.2 #-o

At this point you all have no idea how cool it was to really find something to set these amps apart and this time it wasn’t some small nit picken detail. I tell you that I think the M1.0t MKII.2 was actually getting better as if she was breaking in. Now the only remaining question… can she be broke? So I cranked on the volume and then cranked it some more…. I was easily past the point that the TFM-35x.2 would have been frying eggs! The M1.0t MKII.2 was on the low side of hot to the touch! And my Klipsch were shaking the walls down! [-X

All I could come up with was….. DAMN!

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Re: M1.0t MKII.2 vs TFM-35x.2....

Post by kingman » Fri Jul 02, 2010 10:16 am

James...get rid of the spammer!!!!! :evil: Thanks for the review. Seems like the old TFM held it's own on most of the music, but lacked the punch to keep up with the Mk2's power. Great comparison!!! =D> =D> =D>
In reality, it only matters what it sounds like to YOU!!!

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